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Zizzi Moonbeam: Fairy Party Planner

Zizzi Moonbeam: Fairy Party Planner

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A dazzling, fairy-filled adventure – with letters, flaps and a sprinkle of magic!

It’s Zizzi Moonbeam’s first day as a party planner at Fairy HQ and she’s fizzing with excitement! Watch her whizz to the rescue to ensure every party runs smoothly… Rain on the day of your garden party? A bridesmaid’s dress covered in jam? No problem is too big for Zizzi Moonbeam! But oh no – it looks like she’s forgotten to reply to one of her letters. There’s no time to solve this party pickle on her own! Will one of her new fairy pals swoop in to help Zizzi save the day?

With gorgeous artwork from Natalie Smilie, this book is the perfect gift for lovers of the Rainbow Magic and Aliza’s Secret Fairy Door series.

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