Boo's Toy Shop Brand Reps

What is a Boo’s Brand Rep?

Brands reps have become very popular across social media channels and it’s something I have been looking at doing for a while, but with the outbreak of Covid 19 it has given me the opportunity to work out a sensible plan that would benefit us all. A brand rep for Boo’s is someone who has a huge passion for wooden toys, creative and imaginative play. These are the principles the brand was built on; my favourite quote is “children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury, Play is an necessity"

The role of a brand reps is to help increase the online presence of Boo’s Toy Shop; we ask that you have active social media accounts and will take on this opportunity with passion. I have now been a small independent business for nearly 11 years, the shop opened in 2013 and we have exciting plans for this year (currently on hold due to Covid 19) but we will look forward to sharing these with you. Brand Reps need to be fun, creative, passionate about the brand and most of all passionate about all stages of child’s development.

How To Join?
In a world that is forever changing we have re looked at bringing on Brand Reps to help support and promote the Boo’s Brand. We have been very lucky to work with some amazing businesses including the Enchanted Nanny, who continues to work with us.

We will advertise the brand rep positions on Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis, the term will last for 12 weeks and if you enjoy being a representative and the engagement across social media is good we would ask you to stay on for another 12 weeks if you were happy to do so. If you require a break from the position, then please let us know and we can keep you on record until you want to return.

Each term we will introduce 4 new brand reps to help promote the Boo’s Brand.

  • Send us a little introduction about yourself   
  • Send us some of your photos 
  • Send us you social media account name so we can take a little peek 
  • Tell us why you want to be a brand rep for Boo's 

So What Will A Boo’s Brand Rep Do?

• Can take clear photos of products either in use or in flat lays,
• We will need you to agree for your photos to be shared and re-posted across all platforms of Social Media, Key Platforms for us are Instagram and Facebook
• We ask you to make a minimum of three purchases per term (no minimum spend, and we will provide free postage)
• Key criteria for the brand rep position is to share a minimum of 2 post per week, and interact with my posts and my followers by commenting, sharing and recommending products to others
• Join a weekly chat and discuss all things play and children and what you like about the ranges

So, What Are the Benefits of Being A Boo’s Brand Rep

Boo’s Brand reps will receive a 20% discount code for their personal use. You will be the first to know about new products launching on the website. We will notify you via the Boo’s Brand Rep private Facebook Group and Whats-App group. We want you to feel as though you are part of the Boo’s family so would love you to contribute blog posts and reply to messages on Facebook groups and the Boo’s Facebook page.

Every month I will chose on of my favourite Instagram post by the reps and they will receive a little prize in the post.

We will also run a rewards system as well as we love to give back

Personal well-being is key to my business and I would hope that all the brand reps that come on board will respect others as we will not tolerate bulling or rudeness to others.

We also love to support other small businesses but while you are a boo's brand rep we ask that you follow are code of conduct in regards to sharing information with our competitors, things like up and comings sales and promotion, new product launches must be kept confidential until the advised date. 

We would also want to ensure that you are promoting a positive attitude towards the Boo’s Brand. If it becomes necessary, I reserve the right to terminate the agreement immediately between the individual and the Boo’s Toy Shop. I also reserve the right to remove discount codes we have provided you.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Boo’s Toy Shop Family and we cannot wait to see all your amazing posts. The world is changing, and it is even more important to promote a positive attitude and support others through difficult times.