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Petit Boum Bees Sound Bottle

Petit Boum Bees Sound Bottle

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Bee's Sound Bottle 

Be amazed and let yourself be transported to the magical kingdom of bees. How many flowers must visit to get a kilo of honey? Observe her closely, enter her house, see how she dances but be careful not to get bitten! Pssssssssst!

Look, shake … and listen! As simple and as effective as that. The small objects in the SOUND BOTTLE series are a real sight for the little ones. Auditory stimulation, especially important in the first year of life of babies, is added to the visual identification of the pieces contained.

It helps in learning the discrimination of sounds: from the softest to the loudest, associating each sound with a signifier.

Stimulates gross motor skills: stacking the bottles, shaking them, rolling them… When they are older, boys and girls can act out different scenarios and encourage imaginative play.

Dimensions of each bottle: 14cm x 4cm.

Do not immerse in water or expose to the sun for long hours, for hygiene we recommend wiping with a damp cloth or cloth

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