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My Heart is a Poem Children's Book

My Heart is a Poem Children's Book

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This is a book of poetry for everyone.

This beautiful collection of poetry celebrates the brilliant thing that is feelings. It explores all the different emotions we experience and how different situations bring these emotions to the surface.

From feelings of uncontainable excitement and inexplicable sadness to the electricity which surges from anger and pride, the poems in this anthology perfectly put into words all the different things we feel in our hearts.

Vivid and stirring artwork from an array of talented artists brings breathtaking poetry from a range of voices to life. 

Featuring powerful poetry from:

  • Mandy Coe
  • Laura Mucha
  • Nikki Grimes
  • Naomi Shihab Nye
  • Debjani Chatterjee
  • Coral Rumble
  • Kate Wakeling
  • John Agard
  • Karl Nova
  • James Carter
  • Valerie Bloom
  • Janet Wong
  • Joseph Coelho
  • Ken Nesbitt
  • Jack Prelutsky
  • Nikita Gill
  • Jay Hulme
  • Rachel Plummer
  • Ruth Awolola
  • Elaine Laron


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