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Jabadabado Wooden Market Stall and Accessories

Jabadabado Wooden Market Stall and Accessories

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Now you can open your own small market in the square with our popular market stand. Here you can sell both fresh fruit and freshly harvested vegetables. The market stand consists of 2 shelves and 6 compartments where the customer picks up their goods, as well as a small counter where you pay. You can easily pick up the food and pack it in the associated bags that hang on both sides.

Shopping has never been more fun. Now you can finally sell fruit and vegetables like in a real shop. Choose between 28 different accessories. When you have finished shopping, the cashier weighs your goods on the scales and calculates what you have to pay.

The market stall consists of 42 parts:

  • 1 market stand
  • 2 cloth bags
  • 1 combined scale & cash register
  • 28 different accessories, meat, fish, dairies, fruits, vegetables, herbs, bread
  • 10 coins in different denominations
  • The market stand has 2 wheels so that it can be easily moved
40 x 30 x 78 cm
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