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Home Wooden Farm Barn Set (incl animals)

Home Wooden Farm Barn Set (incl animals)

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The centre-piece of our fabulous Jumini Farm Collection, this super barn playset includes removable roof and wall panels which double up as farm land, together with a set of 4 fences which can be used to 'lock' fields together.

The set includes the farmer, his dog and cat, the pond with duck and ducklings, cow, sheep, pig, chicken and goat. So much play value and everything a child might need to start their dream farm!

The Jumini Farm Collection is modular and can be added to with any of the compatible play sets including: Milking Parlour, Chicken Coop, Pig Sty and Lambing Shed.
All jumini farm vehicles are compatible with this set and can be 'driven' into the barn for safe keeping overnight!

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