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ArTwist-Space Wooden Stencil Drawing Set

ArTwist-Space Wooden Stencil Drawing Set

artwist space wooden stencil craft set

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Create over 1000 space drawing combinations with our rotating stencil kit! A new creation at every turn!
Special wooden stencil and frame with 6 coloured pencils and 5 pieces of paper to provide a space for creativity and imagination!
Simplify your kid’s art kit without limiting their picture possibilities with ArTwist by Kipod Toys! With 1 simple stencil that they can rotate and reuse, kids produce unique pictures every time!
Wonderful Montessori gift for a wide age range! Suitable from 4 years+

Material List: Wood and Paper

Contents: : *1 wooden stencil & frame, 6 Colouring Pencils, 1 Instruction book, 5 blank papers

Stencil Dimensions: 24.5X24X4

Available in Monster, Robots, Space and Animals.

Create unique drawings by rotating the stencil and selecting new combinations at every turn
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