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Wooden Travel Food Tray by Jabadabado

Wooden Travel Food Tray by Jabadabado

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Children will love this super fun wooden travel food play set. 

Combine different delicious meals and serve your guests. How about a yummy baguette with freshly squeezed juice or a luxurious coffee break with a donut and a drink. On this tray, almost the entire diet circle is available, and only imagination limits what to serve at your restaurant. • 1 Serving Tray
• 1 Juice Block
• 1 Apple with Velcro (Cuttable)
• 1 Food Box with 9 Chips
• 1 Doughnut
• 1 Baguette with velcro (Cuttable)
• 1 Packet of Butter
• 1 Knife & 1 Fork
• 2 Orange Slices
• 2 Lettuce Leaves
• 2 Cucumber Slices
• 2 Sausages


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