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Totally Magical Unicorns - Quilling Art Set

Totally Magical Unicorns - Quilling Art Set

children's unicorn art quilling art set

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BOX CANDIY® Totally Magical Unicorns- Quilling Art Set


Children will love this beautiful box candiy unicorn art set, suitable for children age 6+

“Create outside of the box” with BOX CANDIY® Totally Magical Unicorns- Quilling Art Set! Use the quilling tool and curling board to turn the quilling paper into intricate curled shapes to adorn the beautiful quilling art boards.  Add a sweet message and frame to complete stunning pictures to brighten every room!

Perfect for crafting alone or with friends; create the “curliest curls” with the colourful paper, quilling tool and the curling board. Next the instructions will guide you to add a little glue and adorn the magical pictures with your quilled shapes. Each of the 4 artboards have a small grooves set around the picture to make the process of adding the quilled paper slightly easier for smaller hands!  Like all of the gifts in the BOX CANDIY® range, the unicorn quilling art set is presented in a beautiful, keepsake box, made from recycled cardboard to reuse, keep and collect..

Contents: 4 quilling artboards with 4 magical scenes, 1 paper rolling pen, 95 paper quilling strips, 1 curling board, 1 precision glue bottle (fill with your own glue) and instructions, all in a beautiful keepsake storage box made of recycled cardboard.

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