Tonies How and Why - Whales and Dolphins Audio Tonies

Tonies How and Why - Whales and Dolphins Audio Tonies

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Welcome to the wonderful world of whales and dolphins by tonies, children will love learning about these wonderful sea mammals

Whales and Dolphins

The body of the blue whale is so enormous that it can only be fully observed from the air. We find the friendly giants from the sea highly fascinating. However, many secrets about these marine mammals still remain to be discovered. To whom is the humpback whale singing? And how intelligent are dolphins really?

Secrets of the Deep Sea

In the eternal dark of the deep sea, it is ice-cold and water pressure
is extremely high. Mysteriously, there are blinks and flashes of light everywhere, as some of the deep sea inhabitants produce their own light. A strange world full of bizarre creatures and curious structures, such as the black smokers and the wondrous populations that thrive around them.