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Shape Shakers - Tiger Tribe

Shape Shakers - Tiger Tribe

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A sensory stacking toy and percussion in one! Part of Tiger Tribe’s ECO range, these quirky Shape Shakers come in a set of three and are made from sustainable bio plastic, making them kinder to the environment.

The set features a triangle, circle and square in a rainbow of soft pastel colours. Each Shape Shaker makes its own unique sound, so your baby or toddler can have fun creating different rhythmic melodies - or stack them up and listen as they topple over!

Musical instruments for babies are excellent for building young children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while developing their understanding of cause and effect. These shakers will also help to enhance their shape recognition.

Shape Shakers product features:

3 Shape Shakers (triangle, circle and square)
Each shaker makes a different sound
Made from sustainable bio plastic
5cm x 6cm x 9cm
For children aged 1+
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