Hero's and Monsters Small World Play TOOB

Hero's and Monsters Small World Play TOOB

Safari World

  • £12.95

Take control of this cast of fantasy heroes and villains figurines in our Role Playing Designer TOOB, featuring valiant warriors and treacherous monsters, perfect for table top and role playing campaigns. Have them fight some of our Dragons and create your own thrilling adventures.

History: Fantasy role playing games and table top campaigns feature many character archetypes of heroes and villains, with roots in games like Dungeons and Dragons. Even further back, much of today’s fantasy owes a debt to the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, whose magnum opus The Lord of the Rings introduced a wide range of characters and classes, including Orcs, Elves, Wizards and more. Today, the fantasy genre is more popular than ever, as more and more players are entering the world of role playing and table top games, and popular movies, video games, books and more are all adding fuel to the fire.

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