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Funny Creatures Wooden Craft Set by Kidpod

Funny Creatures Wooden Craft Set by Kidpod

Kipod Wooden Art Craft, Funny Creatures

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Let your kids imagination run wild with this fun-tastic assembly toy!
Funky wooden shapes designed to be reversible and used both the “right way” and “wrong way” up!

Attach the two-sided parts together and add the imaginative stickers for hours of creative play bringing many awesome creatures to life. Stimulating their imagination and improving their fine motor skills
For age 4+

Material List: Beech Wood & Stickers

Accessories List:

* 9 Beech wood body parts

* 6 Beech wood connecting sticks

* 2 polypropylene stickers sheets

* instruction booklet

* one paper bag

Dimensions: 25.5×25.5x5cm

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