Friendship Unicorn Charm Bracelet Kit

Boo's Toy Shop

  • £13.99

How could we resist adding a Unicorn edition to our range of
Friendship Bracelets, they got the thumbs up from Nell, our chief
product tester and Unicorn aficionado!

These cute cans contain all that is needed to create six friendship
bracelets from cords, a selection of cute charms, beads, rings and
easy to follow colour instructions, a simple knotting technique turns
these into bracelets and your kids into Jewellery designers! We like
to encourage the sharing of these Jewellery creations with friends,
but some may just want to keep them all for themselves!

After the Jewellery is made the Pipkit box can be repurposed, we
suggest storing pencils in them, dedicating them to Jewellery storage
and trinkets or cut a slot in the lid to turn it into a money box,
we’d love to hear of anything else they become in their next life,
let us know on our social channels.

We recommend these kits for children over the age of 6, but its always
handy to have an adult on hand to help learn the technique required to
create the bracelets and to help where scissors are required!

The boring bit: Adult supervision is recommended for children under
14 years old. All our Pipkits conform to CE & UKCA standards.