Christmas Festive Touch Bubbles 1 supplied

Christmas Festive Touch Bubbles 1 supplied

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Wow! There’s Christmas magic afoot, just take a look! Curious kids with inquisitive minds will be utterly enthralled with this fun-packed toy.

The cool wands each boast a different festive design, so you can pick your favourite from elves, reindeer, a snowman and Santa. But just wait - there’s more to discover! These bubbles are brimming with festive enchantments - blow through the wand and create an explosion of spellbinding spheres that drift into the air.

And it doesn’t stop there - these bubbles can be captured and held in your hand without bursting! Children will be amazed and enjoy hours of play.

Perfect for parties, stocking fillers and more…Blow, create, capture and play!

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