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Boo's Toy Shop Surprise Accessories Box Girls 5 Piece Set

Boo's Toy Shop Surprise Accessories Box Girls 5 Piece Set

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Take a look at our surprise girls accessories box. In these surprise boxes you will receive 5 items in your box. We will show them during the live or if you order off the live then you will have a complete surprise. 

You will receive 5 items from the below list. 

Ballet Shoe Purse 50% chance 

Jersey Hair Bands 12.5% Chance

Glitter Animal Sleepies 12.5% Chance

Cat / Rainbow Clip 12.5% Chance

Unicorn Bead Necklace 25% 12.5% Chance

Dolphin Bead Necklace 25%  12.5% Chance

Dinosaur Rings 12.5% Chance

Fun Rings 12.5% Chance

Weather Clips 12.5% Chance

Jersey Motif Clips 12.5% Chance

Sleepies 12.5% Chance

Hairband Motif  12.5% Chance


1. All pictures are shown below and you the buyer will receive 5 items in your box 

2. Suitable for children age 3+ 

3. The over all value of the 5 items in the box is £15 

4. The selection of products are chosen at random but if you leave a note we will do are best to action your request but this is not guaranteed. 

5. Brands included in this bundle is Molly Rose ONLY 


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