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Bigjigs Mixed Wooden Market Food 5 Pieces

Bigjigs Mixed Wooden Market Food 5 Pieces

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Selection of 5 pieces of wooden play food bundle from the pictures below, these will be mixed mystery bundles, 

Aubergine 11% Chance
Half Tomato11% Chance
Fruit Smoothie 11% Chance
Chicken Thigh 11% Chance
Yoghurt 11% Chance
Onion 11% Chance
Edam 11% Chance
Sausage 11% Chance
Boiled Egg 11% Chance

In your mystery wooden food box you will get 5 wooden fruit or vegetables 

Pictures are shown below of the items you may receive. No other options will be added. 

If you order 2 sets then you will receive 2 of when of the items as we only have 9 options below.  

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