Beeloom Wooden Activity Garage


  • £33.00

The three-tier Parkloom toy car park made of high-quality wood is the perfect educational toy for all little drivers who want to develop their manual dexterity and spatial imagination. Parkloom features a helicopter and landing pad on top, a spaceship with an astronaut, and two cars. It also has a slide to be able to lower the cars quickly and in a more fun way.
Its unique design, created in Barcelona, seeks to be timeless, fun and unisex, without marking stereotypes or clichés. A product for girls and boys. Its combination of colours manages to bring well-being and tranquillity to the little ones (and not so little ones) in the house.
It is made of natural wood to be a 100% toxic-free product and resistant to many hours of fun, learning and cognitive development.
What do we learn?
• Spatial orientation: he will develop the ability to measure the measurements, distances and sizes of things to orient himself. Place objects and guide movements.
• Inspiration of creativity: these types of games are very beneficial as they stimulate children's creativity, inventing different situations and solutions, favouring language and socialization.
• Imagination: these types of toys promote creativity and imagination. Educating, promoting and guiding the imagination of children has many advantages such as fostering curiosity, improving creativity and facilitating intelligence thinking.

Width (cm): 39.5 | Depth (cm): 8.5 | Height (cm): 26.5

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