Beeloom Imagine Rainbow


  • £22.00

The rainbow Imagine Rainbow is an educational game designed to promote the development and skills of children through manipulation and the senses. Composed of 6 high quality wooden pieces with different colours and sizes that form a wonderful rainbow. In addition, being a modular toy, the imagination of the little ones is unlimited and they can build a variety of things: houses, bridges, etc.
Its unique design, created in Barcelona, has a minimalist style that is free of stereotypes so as not to limit the dreams of the little ones. They will let their imagination run wild while learning with an environmentally friendly toy.
It is made of natural wood free of harmful substances to be a 100% toxic-free product and resistant to many hours of fun.
What do we learn?
• Creativity: these types of games are very beneficial as they stimulate children's creativity, inventing different situations and solutions, favouring language and socialisation.
• Development of concentration: it will help the little one to improve his concentration when it comes to placing the pieces in the precise place according to what he wants to build.
• Imagination: maintains his sense of exploration and adventure. Educating, promoting and guiding the imagination of children has many advantages such as fostering curiosity, improving creativity and facilitating intelligence thinking.
• Free play: very beneficial for children as it helps them develop autonomy and decision-making skills. Also, they favor natural curiosity and the development of creativity.
• Coordination improvement: the act of picking up the pieces and placing them correctly stimulates hand-eye coordination and trains children to make the thumb and forefinger pincer.

Width (cm): 27.5 | Depth (cm): 13.6 | Height (cm): 4.6

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